Artful living brings the Fulton Market neighborhood to life. Galleries, restaurants, boutiques, businesses small and large share a common disposition to this dynamic, resulting in an ever evolving and historically lush community that embodies the real future of Chicago’s greatness. Our desire to promote the concept of artful living is at the core of our mission to expand the meaning of diversity and fluidity within the artistic and business community throughout Chicago, but most especially right here in our own backyard.

Another Successful Explore Fulton Market!

Thanks to all our wonderful fans of Explore Fulton Market. We were fortunate to have great weather during the event and 100’s of people came out to walk our great neighborhood. Special thank you to all our partners and sponsors that make this event possible. Merchants of Fulton Market, Sterling Bay, K2 Apartments, Fulton River District Assoc., Neighbors of West Loop & Dr. Graphx.  Winners of the giveaways will be emailed if they win a prize.  See you for another EFM in October.